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Normal travel precautions apply when traveling in Estonia. Civil unrest is rarely a problem in Estonia; however, large public gatherings and demonstrations can occur and can become violent without warning. Travelers should remain alert and avoid large crowds whenever possible.

Pickpocketing is common in public places and those frequented by tourists, especially during the summer tourist season. Tourists are often targeted by small groups working together. Travelers should exercise the same precautions with regard to personal safety and belongings as they would in any major city. More serious street crimes, such as assault or mugging, have been reported in tourist areas. Credit card fraud is also a major concern.

Although road conditions in Estonia are generally good, some roads are poorly lit and maintained. Some drivers in Estonia can be aggressive, and they often recklessly overtake other vehicles at high speeds. It is common for police to set up checkpoints on major streets and highways, and travelers should always pull over when asked by a police officer.

Estonia can become very dark during the winter months and pedestrians must wear small reflectors to ensure they are visible, or else be subject to a fine. Reflectors are very important in rural areas where lighting may be scarcer. The law is rarely enforced in urban areas. 

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